My artistic work is about developing a thoughtful narrative about the awareness of the split and self-identity of the "I" and its transformation in a constantly changing world. Cultural and social imprinting, personal memories and experiences construct our sense of self and thus significantly determine our behavior, our way of thinking and which subjective-human perspective(s) we adopt on the world. It is important to me to create poetic, subtly absurd images, which humorously cause irritation and question the construct of the self-sufficient individual. Content and material issues are mutually dependent in the work.


Mein sehen bleibt physisch folgenlos
FIND: 2K17 – LAM

published on the occasion of the Exhibition „MEIN SEHEN BLEIBT PHYSISCH FOLGENLOS“
2K17 Project – Altana Gallery, Dresden, DE
Preface by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ulrich, Prof. Dr. Christoph Oliver Mayer
80 Pages, hardcover Catalogue
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